Pop Goes The News — There was plenty of sloppy reporting this weekend on Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival.

The festival was described by different outlets as lasting a week, three weeks, and a month. Worse, wildly inaccurate attendance figures were floated around like feathers from revellers’ costumes.

Pop Goes The News — Robert De Niro will be in Toronto early next year to make the family comedy The War with Grandpa.

The movie icon, who will be 73 in August, plays the titular role in the movie based upon the 1984 children’s book by Robert Kimmel Smith.

Pop Goes The News — British actor James Norton sported a bandaged left hand Sunday afternoon while shooting scenes in Toronto for the Flatliners remake.

The injury was likely only for the cameras, though.

Pop Goes The News — Guests at Toronto hotels are forking over millions of dollars every year in fees they are not obligated to pay.

Hotel operators and tourism officials are more than happy to keep tourists in the dark about the extra 3 per cent on their bills, which generates more than $20 million a year.

Pop Goes The News — A video surfaced Monday showing the terrifying moment actress Paz de la Huerta was struck by an ambulance on a Toronto street in 2011.

The impact, which occurred during filming of a scene for Nurse 3D, knocked de la Huerta backwards and slammed her onto the pavement as co-star Katrina Bowden reacts in horror.