Pop Goes The News — Fans of the Toronto Raptors are now able to show both their pride in the team and their LGBT pride.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) this week unveiled T-shirts and hoodies with rainbow-coloured logos for all 30 teams.

Editor’s Note: This blog is not bound by the injunction in England and Wales.

UPDATE: The UK Supreme Court has ruled to uphold the injunction.

UPDATE: On April 18, Court of Appeal judges ruled that the injunction in England and Wales will be lifted on Wednesday, April 20, pending an appeal by Elton John and David Furnish.

Pop Goes The News — Do Elton John and his Canadian husband David Furnish have an open relationship — or has Furnish been cheating on the music icon?

The front page of the April 18 edition of the National Enquirer, now on newsstands, declares: “Elton John Betrayed by Cheating Husband!”

Pop Goes The News — McDonald’s has brewed itself a little controversy with a commercial showing a young man coming out as gay to his father.

The 90-second video for McCafé, the third in the chain’s “More Warmth in Conversations” series, has sparked calls for a boycott in Taiwan.

Pop Goes The News — Photos of actress Tori Spelling snuggling up to her Canadian stepson have come under fire on social media and in at least one celebrity magazine.

On Instagram, Spelling’s followers have described the two images as “creepy” and “inappropriate.”

Pop Goes The News — Model Miles McMillan, the boyfriend of actor Zachary Quinto, lets it all hang out for a French fashion magazine.

McMillan, 25, was photographed by Jack Pierson for Purple.

Pop Goes The News — A popular Norwegian crime series will be adapted for American television this year in Canada.

Ten episodes of Eyewitness will be shot for USA Network in Ontario from April 25 to August 8.