Pop Goes The News — Terry Moskwyn can’t understand why his son Stephan was involved in an elaborate scam that victimized senior citizens.

“It hurts,” he said Wednesday from his Montreal area home. “It’s terrible.”

Pop Goes The News — Guests at Toronto hotels are forking over millions of dollars every year in fees they are not obligated to pay.

Hotel operators and tourism officials are more than happy to keep tourists in the dark about the extra 3 per cent on their bills, which generates more than $20 million a year.

Pop Goes The News — McDonald’s has brewed itself a little controversy with a commercial showing a young man coming out as gay to his father.

The 90-second video for McCafé, the third in the chain’s “More Warmth in Conversations” series, has sparked calls for a boycott in Taiwan.

Pop Goes The News — Canadians who purchased Blue Buffalo products for their beloved pets may be able to get some money back.

Earlier this month, Consumer Law Group (CLG) filed a class action lawsuit in Ontario Superior Court in Ottawa alleging the company misled Canadians about the ingredients in its food.

Pop Goes The News — A Nordstrom manager in Ottawa is being criticized for allegedly asking four Muslim women to leave after they prayed in a lounge.

The retailer, though, says it is not aware of the incident.

Pop Goes The News — The hallucinogenic herb salvia divinorum is still being marketed to Canadians despite becoming illegal earlier this month.

Several retailers across the country have yet to remove salvia from their online offerings even though it has been a banned substance since Feb. 8.