U.S. woman seeking guy outside Montreal cannabis shop

Pop Goes The News – Could lining up for legal cannabis in Montreal turn into a love connection?

A California woman is using Craigslist to track down a young man who lined up last Wednesday outside a new government-run cannabis shop in downtown Montreal.

“You are just unbelievably handsome and my breath caught in my throat when I saw you,” reads an Oct. 19 posting in the Missed Connections section. 

The woman spotted the mystery man in a photo by Martin Ouellet-Diotte of AFP/Getty Images that appeared in a BuzzFeed article titled “18 Pictures Of What Legal Weed Actually Looks Like In Canada.”

“I obviously know nothing about you. I don’t even know if you’re involved or straight … but I figured I at least had to try.

“Here I am, just a girl trying to find this mystery guy who completely blew me away with a single picture.”

The woman who posted the appeal on Craigslist is allegedly a 32-year-old from Chico, about 145 km north of Sacramento.