Montreal Casino purges reference to wet T-shirt event from website

Pop Goes The News – The Montreal Casino has removed a reference to a wet T-shirt event from its website – but hasn’t scrapped the event.

The casino, which is operated by the Société des casinos du Québec (a subsidiary of the provincial government’s Loto-Québec), had been promoting a weekly “Cowboys and wet T-shirts” event where “The ladies will be invited to spray a handsome cowboy.”

At a time of increased awareness about sexual harassment, it’s likely that a publicly-owned casino would take some heat if it staged an event inviting men to “spray” women. This was noted in a Sept. 17 tweet by @jrk_media (owner of this website).

“I don’t have an issue with this @CasinoMontreal event per se, but I can’t help imagine the outrage there would be if the genders were reversed.”

On Sept. 25, casino management said it has revised the wording on its website. It now refers to “Activities that will make you blush” and does not mention spraying “handsome” cowboys. The change was also made to the French version of the website.

In a direct message, the casino explained: “When developing the concept, we were careful to make sure that the activities were only slightly suggestive, and that they were promoted and performed in a tasteful manner.

“However, we do understand that they can be viewed as displeasing to some. As such, we took action and removed any suggestion of spraying performers from our website.”

Ladies Night takes place at Montreal Casino every Thursday at 9 p.m. until Oct. 18. (The casino says men are welcome.)