Michael Ian Black suggests he’ll sue right-wing troll over ‘pedophile’ accusation

Pop Goes The News – Michael Ian Black suggested Tuesday night that he will take legal action against a right-wing troll who called him “another Hollywood pedophile.”

Appearing in the OFF JFL series at Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival, the 46-year-old comedian told the audience it was “cathartic” to talk about the aftermath of Mike Cernovich’s July 21 tweet.

Cernovich, who calls himself a “journalist when I’m in the mood,” compiled and shared tweets by Black that he evidently views as the words of a pedophile. Thousands of his followers then launched their own attacks on Black.


“That’s been weighing on me a little because it’s so awful,” Black admitted. “It’s so awful that somebody can say that about somebody else without repercussions.

“But, it turns out there is a legal system and I might be suing him for a lot of money if I can.”



Black, who has nearly 2 million followers, initially responded to Cernovich’s allegation via Twitter.

“Today, right wing Twitter came after me out of the blue (again) because they took offense to a bunch of jokes I’ve made over the years (again).

“Here’s what’s true: 1. I make offensive jokes. I’ve been doing it for 30 years and although I’ve slowed down in recent years and gotten more reflective about it, I still do it. Like when I say I do butt stuff with your mom. I don’t *really* do butt stuff with your mom.”

Black added: “So be it, fuckers. I know what I’ve done in my life. And I know what you’ve done in yours … You want to shit on me for some bad jokes. Have at it. My hands are clean.”

Cernovich later tweeted: “Michael Ian Black is at least attacking me rather than harming children, as he ‘jokes’ about repeatedly.”

On Tuesday, Cernovich retweeted Breitbart News Tonight host Joel B. Pollak’s reaction to criticism of U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions for laughing at students who chanted “Lock Her Up!”

Pollak tweeted: “Who knew a sense of humor was such a threat?”