Remake of David Cronenberg’s ‘Rabid’ to be shot in Toronto

Pop Goes The News — If filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska need any advice on how to remake David Cronenberg’s 1977 flick Rabid next year, they need only knock on the door of his Toronto home.

The B.C. siblings are set to make a new version of Rabid in Cronenberg’s hometown beginning in February.

“It’s a tremendous honour to be reimagining Rabid,” the Soskas said in a statement. “Ten years into his career, David reimagined The Fly, and it was perhaps his most successful film. Now, 10 years into our directing careers, we take on his 1977 classic.”

Written and directed by Cronenberg, Rabid was one of his first feature films.

Set in Montreal, the movie starred former porn star Marilyn Chambers as Rose, who develops a taste for human blood after undergoing radical surgery following an accident, sparking a rabies-like epidemic.

The Soska sisters made their directorial debut with the 2009 grindhouse flick Dead Hooker In A Trunk and followed with 2012’s American Mary. They also made 2014’s See No Evil 2.

“Normally, I’m not a huge fan of remakes but that’s if they don’t have anything new to bring to the story,” Sylvia Soska said in an interview last April, according to Bloody Disgusting.

“We have a unique perspective just because of who we are to tell the story … as well as make a commentary on the increasingly rabid world that we live in.”

On a Facebook page purportedly linked to the film, a message reads: “Ugh, I wish we could tell you all about our incredible cast, crew, and script, but we’ve got a muzzle on for now…. Fear not, though. You know when we Sisters Soska can finally talk about it we’ll be very loud! Thank you to everyone for your gracious support for this project! I promise you as excited as you are, you are NOT excited enough for this film. It’s a game changer.”