Gordon Thomson comes out, trashes ‘Dynasty’ reboot

Pop Goes The News – Gordon Thomson, who played Adam Carrington on the prime time ‘80s drama Dynasty, has come out publicly as gay.

“It’s not something I’ve ever announced,” the 72-year-old told Daily Beast. “I’m assuming that people know, and now that I’m my age that’s fine.

“I don’t go out of my way because it’s my generation, I think. I’m probably as homophobic as any gay man alive because of my background.”

Thomson said when he was growing up, being gay was a crime or classified as a mental illness. “So you’re dealing with that,” he explained. “And the shame, the breathtaking lack of self-esteem, has only just begun to seep out of my soul.”

Thomson recalled that the “vibe” on the Dynasty set was “so heterosexual.”

He added: “I didn’t want to say, ‘Guess what everybody, the guy playing the father is gay.’ If I had there would have been a slight shift away which I wasn’t ready to deal with.”

A reboot of Dynasty (with Steven Carrington — Adam’s brother — openly gay) is set to debut Oct. 11. Thomson told the Daily Beast he thinks the new version is “utter s**t.”

“The acting is dreadful, truly dreadful. The writing is appalling,” he complained. “Why call it Dynasty? It’s nothing to do with Dynasty at all. It’s insulting. It’s abominable.”