JFL: No limits, big laughs at The Nasty Show

Pop Goes The News – In an age of narcissism expressed in bursts of faux-outrage on Twitter and Facebook, The Nasty Show is a beacon for free speech.

No topic is taboo. No one is safe.

It is 90 minutes of laughing — sometimes uncomfortably — at jokes about bodily functions, anatomy, sex, disabilities and the dearly departed.

“Tim Horton was a wife beater who died in a drunk driving accident,” said British comedian Jimmy Carr. “Yeah, the police report said afterwards the road was covered in Tim Bits.”

Host Ari Shaffir talked about the aftermath of performing oral sex on a woman who’s on her period. Godfrey spoke the truth about male “swamp ass.” Big Jay Oakerson shared his views on one day having to shake hands with boys who defile his daughter and hilariously recalled how using the word “retard” on his radio show landed him in hot water with the father of a child with Down Syndrome.

There was some interaction with the audience, too. A pregnant woman seated directly in front of the stage caught the eye of several of the comics — or, to be more accurate, her breasts did.

But a heckler in the crowd got too much attention from Oakerson and Yamaneika Saunders. At least Carr put the rude man in his place and then moved on.

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Of course, no show with the word “nasty” in the title would be complete without some Trump jokes.

Godfrey did a solid impression of the U.S. president that will leave an image of a Trump orgasm implanted in your mind.

Carr noted: “When Donald Trump took to office, little did he know.”

The Nasty Show runs until July 29 (no shows on July 23 and 24) as part of Just For Laughs. For more information go to hahaha.com

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