Kathleen Turner working on ‘Someone Else’s Wedding’ in Montreal

Pop Goes The News — Kathleen Turner, who has been nominated for an Oscar and two Tonys and who has won a pair of Golden Globes,  is in frigid Montreal this month starring in an Canadian indie film.

Turner, 62, plays matriarch Barbara Haines in the romantic comedy Someone Else’s Wedding, written and directed by homegrown actor Pat Kiely (Being Human).

The film also stars Wallace Shawn, Frances Fisher and Canadian actors Kevin Zegers, Jessica Paré, Jessica Parker Kennedy and Luke Kirby.

It’s about a dysfunctional family that comes together at the eldest son’s wedding.

On Tuesday, Turner was spotted trying not to slip and fall in the fresh snow outside her trailer in a vacant lot in downtown Montreal and on the steps outside Windsor Ballrooms, where filming was taking place.

Kathleen Turner, pictured in Montreal on Dec. 6. | Photo by John R. Kennedy

“I had forgotten how boring filmmaking can be,” Turner said of working on 2014’s Dumb and Dumber To. “You get to do two or three takes for 15, 20 minutes, then you go and sit down for an hour and a half.”

A prolific stage actor, Turner told The Telegraph “the really meaty roles for women my age are all in theatre.”

Turner made her big screen debut in 1981’s Body Heat opposite William Hurt and went on to star in a string of films with Michael Douglas — Romancing the Stone, The Jewel of the Nile and The War of the Roses.

She got an Oscar nomination for 1986’s Peggy Sue Got Married and won Golden Globes for her work in Romancing The Stone and 1985’s Prizzi’s Honor.

Turner has taken a few unusual roles in her career. She provided the voice of Jessica Rabbit in 1988’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit and had a recurring role as Chandler Bing’s cross-dressing father on Friends.

“I only did one film for money and that’s the one film I dislike because I did it for money,” Turner told the Guardian, referring to 1988’s Switching Channels. “I was pregnant and figured I wouldn’t work for a year, so grab the money and run, and I hate the film.

“It wasn’t all my fault, though. It was supposed to be with Michael Caine and he got stuck on Jaws 4, and so the producer hired Burt Reynolds. Not exactly the same thing.”