Oliver Stone calls Donald Trump ‘a smart man who doesn’t want war’

Pop Goes The News — Oliver Stone will be adding some fibre to his diet — likely 100% cotton — thanks to Donald Trump.

“I told a journalist if Trump gets elected I would eat my shirt,” the famed director said Friday afternoon at the Los Cabos International Film Festival in Mexico.

“So I am really fucked because I have to find a shirt to eat.”

It was a rare lighthearted comment from Stone, who earlier cancelled one-on-one interviews and delayed a press conference, reportedly due to heat stroke.

When Stone finally sat down in front of reporters, he shared his views on America’s controversial president-elect.

“Everybody is so terrified of Trump,” he said. “They’ve said that all over Europe and all over the world.

“It might not be quite as dramatic as that. It will be a lot more consolidated and conservative at first. He’s a rebel: in some areas we can look optimistically. He’s a smart man that doesn’t want war.”

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Stone said Hillary Clinton had an eye on a regime change in Russia, which could have sparked another world war. He said Trump will be more likely to negotiate deals with Russia and China that will keep peace between superpowers.

The director said Americans should be more concerned with illegal surveillance and the real threat of cyber warfare.

“How the fuck can you be worried about Trump when this thing is about to blow any day? The threat is here, it is now, it is not tomorrow, and if Trump is the smart business man we thing he is he will try to curb it,” Stone opined.

The Snowden director compared the current political climate to Game of Thrones.

“It makes the world much more dangerous unless we have treaties with each other and respect each other’s regimes,” he said.

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