Alan Thicke’s mother-in-law acquitted in murder of husband

Pop Goes The News — The mother-in-law of Canadian TV star Alan Thicke won’t be spending the rest of her life behind bars.

Ruth Miriam Callau, 70, was acquitted early last month in Bolivia of charges relating to the brutal murder of her husband, Petrus Dekker.

Callau, the mother of Thicke’s wife Tanya, was arrested in April 2013 and accused of paying employee Richard Terrazas to have Dekker killed.

Terrazas reportedly told police he used $4,000 from Callau to hire two men who tied Dekker’s hands and feet before shooting him four times in the head and chest.

Dekker’s body was found near the couple’s cattle ranch in the Santa Cruz region of eastern Bolivia just over a week after he was reported missing.

Callau denied any involvement in the murder and was under house arrest while awaiting trial.

On Aug. 1, after a trial that went on more than two months, a court found Terrazas guilty and sentenced him to 30 years in prison. Callau was declared innocent.

Thicke and his wife, who star together in the faux-reality series Unusually Thicke, did not speak publicly about Callau’s case and the couple has also not commented on her acquittal.

Thicke, 69, married Callau — who is 28 years his junior — in 2005. It is the Ontario-born Growing Pains star’s third marriage.