Did Brazilian swimmer Eduardo Amaral expose penis in Snapchat video?

Pop Goes The News — A number of websites could find themselves in hot water after posting photos and video allegedly showing Brazilian swimmer Eduardo Amaral exposing his penis.

The Snapchat clip popped up in June and was quickly shared on thousands of Tumblr pages but got more attention this month due to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Amaral did not, in fact, compete in the Olympics and — if it is him in the video — the websites are distributing child pornography.

According to Brazil’s Confederation of Aquatic Sports, Amaral doesn’t turn 18 until Sept. 30.

“Olympic Brazilian swimmer Eduardo Amaral is getting us all hot and bothered with a full-frontal Snapchat,” declared The Gaily X in an Aug. 22 post. [UPDATE: On Aug. 24, the post was deleted.]

It embedded the 10-second video, in which a man who could be Amaral pulls down his underwear to expose his erect penis.

The Sword posted the video and full-frontal photos on Aug. 23. “Eduardo Amaral had a lot to show for himself,” it read. “No wonder this swimmer makes such a big splash.” [UPDATE: Shortly after this story was posted, The Sword revised its post and removed images.]

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Instinct Magazine reported “Brazilian Olympic Swimmer Shares Sexy Snapchat” but only linked to the video. [UPDATE: The post has since been deleted.]

On Aug. 9, the Puerto Rico edition of free daily Metro posted a story about the video allegedly showing Amaral’s penis. It cropped and censored the images.

A junior champion, Amaral did not qualify for Rio 2016 but is expected to compete in Tokyo in 2020.

Eduardo Amaral, pictured in a 2015 photo posted on Facebook (left) and the man in a Snapchat video.

Not everyone believes it’s 17-year-old Amaral in the video, though.

The young man in the video is wearing a tank top, making a comparison using Amaral’s swimming photos difficult. Some have noted obvious differences in an ear and the nose.

“That’s not him,” someone commented at Instinct. “It’s a totally different guy.”

Amaral has not publicly addressed the video and did not respond to a request for comment via Facebook.