James Norton shoots scene for ‘Flatliners’ remake in Toronto

Pop Goes The News — British actor James Norton sported a bandaged left hand Sunday afternoon while shooting scenes in Toronto for the Flatliners remake.

The injury was likely only for the cameras, though.

Norton filmed a scene on Jones Avenue just south of Gerrard Street opposite Anna Arden Oplev and Jacob Soley.

Flatliners is the first big Hollywood role for Norton, who is well known for his work on UK television.

He earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination at last year’s BAFTAs for playing bad guy Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley (currently streaming on Netflix) and stars as vicar Sidney Chambers in the series Grantchester.

Norton, who turns 31 on Monday, also appeared on one episode of Doctor Who.

On the big screen, he had a small role in the 2013 biopic Rush, directed by Ron Howard.

James Norton in a scene from ‘Happy Valley.’

Oplev, who appeared in the one and only season of Game of Silence, is the sister of Flatliners director Niels Arden Oplev, who helmed 2009’s Swedish film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (and directed an episode of Game of Silence).

In April, Pop Goes The News was first to report that the Flatliners remake was being made in Toronto.

It follows a group of medical students caught up in near-death experiments that go wrong.

The movie also stars Canada’s Nina Dobrev and Ellen Page as well as Kiersey Clemons (Transparent), Mexican actor Diego Luna, and model Charlotte McKinney.

Cameras will roll in Toronto until the end of August.

Kiefer Sutherland, who starred in the 1990 original, is set to play a small role in the remake. The Toronto-raised actor is in the city shooting the TV series Designated Survivor.

Among the new Flatliners‘ producers is actor Michael Douglas, who was a producer of the original and also made 2001’s Don’t Say a Word, 2003’s The In-Laws, and 2006’s The Sentinel in Toronto.

Flatliners opened at No. 1 at the box office in August 1990 and went on to gross over $61 million in the U.S. and Canada.

Directed by Joel Schumacher and filmed mostly in Chicago, it starred Sutherland with Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon.

According to Sony Pictures, the new Flatliners is scheduled to open in theatres on Aug. 18, 2017.