Canadian actor Kevin Zegers marks 5 years of sobriety

Pop Goes The News — Canadian actor Kevin Zegers celebrated five years of sobriety on Sunday with an Instagram post.

“‘A hopeless case’ no more,” he wrote. “Gratitude today for the life given to me by sobriety.”

Sharing a big “5” with a candle on top is fitting since the milestone is somewhat of a re-birthday.

“I feel like when you get sober your life starts,” he told George George Stroumboulopoulos in a 2013 interview.

The 31-year-old native of Woodstock, Ont. rose to fame in a series of Air Bud movies before breaking out in the acclaimed 2005 Transamerica opposite Felicity Huffman.

Battling alcoholism, Zegers passed up many opportunities that followed.

“I had this sort of issue that I hadn’t dealt with. I kind of pushed away the elevation of my career a little bit,” he recalled. “So I sort of muddled around in that until I was 25 or 26.”

Zegers said his issues with drinking “bogged me down” and affected his desire “to really fulfill my aspirations.”

In a 2013 interview with the Woodstock Sentinel-Review, Zegers said his drinking problem “stopped being cute.”

He added: “Not having control in your mid-to-late twenties is not cute.”

Zegers decided to got sober in 2011, although he has not publicly spoken about how.

The star of films like The Colony and Mortal Instruments: City of Bones will celebrate three years of marriage this summer to Jaime Feld, with whom he has eight-month-old twin daughters.

Kevin Zegers with wife Jaime Feld.

He’ll appear in the thriller 478 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and recently landed a role in the ABC pilot Notorious with Piper Perabo.

“If you can hire somebody, hire the sober guy,” Zegers told Stroumboulopoulos, “because he’s really been a mess before but he knows hard work and honesty and stuff that we never did when we were drinking.”