‘Quantico’ stars enjoy afternoon in a Montreal park

Pop Goes The News — Stars of the hit ABC series Quantico settled down Saturday in a Montreal park to play a popular board game.

Josh Hopkins, Jake McLaughlin, Graham Rogers and Samantha Kumiko played two games of Settlers of Catan in the Old Port district of Montreal.

Hopkins, who plays Liam O’Connor on Quantico, arrived at the park with the game and set it up on a blanket on the grass.

He was soon joined by co-stars McLaughlin (Ryan Booth) and Rogers (Caleb Haas) — along with his beloved dog Chuck — as well as series guest star Samantha Kumiko.

Realizing they needed a hard surface in order to play the game comfortably, Rogers found the rubber base to a construction sign nearby and brought it over to the grass.

Graham Rogers brought a rubber base over to the grass to use as a tabletop — but left it there when the game was done.

Both Hopkins and Rogers were seen drinking beers out of paper bags during the afternoon of fun in the sun. McLaughlin mostly stuck to Coke while Kumiko sipped a cold Starbucks beverage.

Josh Hopkins takes a drink and Jake McLaughlin ponders his next move in the game while Samantha Rumiko watches.

By the time the group was ready to play their second game of Settlers of Catan — in which players develop holdings while acquiring and trading resources — the Quantico stars had moved to a nearby picnic table. (Rogers left the rubber base on the grass.)

At one point, McLaughlin took a spin on a passerby’s hoverboard.

Graham Rogers with his dog Chuck.

It was an enjoyable day off for the stars, who are currently working on the show’s season finale (set to air on May 15).

McLaughlin, for one, didn’t seem in a rush to return to the set on Sunday. “Why don’t we all call in sick tomorrow?,” he jokingly asked his co-stars.

Quantico airs Sunday nights at 10 on ABC and in Canada on CTV.

Photos by John R. Kennedy