Quebec teen appears nude in bizarre video with author Edmund White

Pop Goes The News — A young Quebec man appears nude in a bizarre new video in which he allows 76-year-old author Edmund White to suck his toes and touch his abs and buttocks.

The video — which has been described as “icky” — was posted Thursday at New York-based Gayletter.

In the NSFW video, Lev Ivankov (who is reportedly 19 years old) sits and stands in a bathtub while White, wearing a bathrobe, explores his body with his hands. White also spends a lot of time sucking Ivankov’s toes.

White has written a number of books as well as the 2006 play Terre Haute and several memoirs. He is best known for the novels A Boy’s Own Story and The Farewell Symphony.

Ivankov keeps a hand over his genitals for most of the video, which was shot by Slava Mogutin, a New York-based artist and writer who fled his native Russia in 1995.

Mogutin’s directions can be heard off-camera in the video, which features a recording of White singing “Falling in Love Again (I Can’t Help It).”

“The song aside, I do understand where the title came from, ‘Creepshow’ is already taken,” opined Harlan at porn blog The Sword (NSFW).

“Does anyone else find something inherently ‘icky’ about this?”

Ivanov is a rising star in the gay porn industry.

Born in Russia, he moved to Canada with his family when he was only 2 years old and grew up in northern Quebec.

He made his porn debut last summer on Montreal-based Videoboys (NSFW) and is currently signed to New York-based porn company Cockyboys (NSFW).

In one of five videos starring Ivankov posted at Cockyboys, he has sex with Pierre Fitch, a veteran Ontario-born gay porn star.

BELOW: A photo tweeted by Lev Ivankov