Canada’s Tom Green slams Trump and his supporters

Pop Goes The News — Canadian comedian Tom Green isn’t laughing about Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination — or the media that is covering it.

Green, who was born and raised in Ontario, is using social media to slam Trump and his supporters as well as media outlets like CNN.

“I’m not joking around here,” Green tweeted Tuesday from Australia, where he is on a stand-up comedy tour until the end of March.

“The media is to blame for Trump. We need to use social media to change the system,” the 44-year-old comic tweeted. “Don’t be afraid to speak up.”

Green said TV news shows and networks, competing with online outlets for attention, are afraid to anger Trump.

“Trump ratings are a cash cow for @CNN now,” he tweeted. “This is why they don’t hold his feet to the fire. We need to stop watching.”

Green took a shot at CNN host Anderson Cooper after watching his interview with Trump. “Why don’t you ask some tough questions next time you interview him? Are you a sucker for the ratings?”

Green was the third competitor “fired” by Trump on Season 8 of The Celebrity Apprentice in 2009. (When asked on Twitter if he knew how “horrible” Trump was when he was doing the show, Green replied: “I had a pretty good idea but never expected that he was this bad.”)

The funnyman, who has 287,000 followers on Twitter, said he believes everybody should be condemning Trump and “anybody who isn’t is an idiot.”

Green even urged people who disagree to stop following him on Twitter.

When someone blamed protesters “looking to start trouble” at Trump rallies, Green shot back: “Screw off. People like you are the problem. Don’t follow me.”

He has also encouraged people to block friends who support Trump because they are supporting bigotry.

“You owe it to yourself to block them immediately and stay away from them forever,” he said.

“Everybody needs to start ditching their ‘intolerant asshole friends’. Life is to short.”

Green described Trump’s popularity as “a freaky barometer of how mob mentality and stupidity are having a perfect storm right now.”

He has also complained about the lack of celebrities willing to speak out against Trump.

“I applaud those that do,” he tweeted. “Everyone else is afraid to offend the Trump loving public. Fuck those people.”

Though he said he remains “100% Canadian,” Green has lived in the U.S. for 17 years and has performed comedy for U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said he loves America and doesn’t want “to see it fail.”