2 stars of ‘O.J. Simpson’ series watched verdict in Canada

Pop Goes The News — Two of the stars of The People v. O.J. Simpson have recalled how they were working together in Canada when the real-life verdict came down.

Nathan Lane, who portrays F. Lee Bailey, and Courtney B. Vance, who plays Johnnie Cochrane, were working in Toronto on Oct. 3, 1985 when Simpson was found not guilty.

“Courtney and I and Tony Goldwyn were making a TV movie in Toronto called The Boys Next Door,” Lane recalled on Tuesday’s episode of The View.

“They were watching the verdict together and when they announced the verdict, Courtney cheered and Tony Goldwyn said, ‘Oh my God,’ and then they looked at each other like, ‘wow I guess we feel differently about it.'”

Lane joked that he was “at catering heating up a Hot Pocket” at the time.

Last month, Vance shared a similar recollection with E! News.

“Tony and I were watching it…and the verdict came down and I went, ‘Yes!’ and he went, ‘Nooo!’ and we turned to each other and were in shock,” he said.

“We were on complete other sides—we thought we were together…We had to talk about it.”

In The Boys Next Door, Goldwyn played a social worker who helps four mentally challenged men live in a regular home. The Hallmark movie aired in February 1996 and earned two Emmy nominations.

American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson (which also stars Quebec-born actor Bruce Greenwood) airs Tuesdays on FX. The finale is set for March 29.