Amber Tamblyn reads from ‘Dark Sparkler’ in Montreal

Pop Goes The News — Actress Amber Tamblyn shared her poetic side with a couple of dozen people Saturday night at a Montreal bookstore.

The 32-year-old film and television star read excerpts from her book Dark Sparkler, a collection of poems about actresses who died before their 40th birthdays, at Drawn & Quarterly.

Tamblyn also answered questions, signed copies of the book, and posed for photos with fans.

(The actress, borrowing the glasses of the store’s Jason Grimmer, apologized for looking “like a hot lesbian Harry Potter.”)

The provocative book includes Tamblyn’s poetry about late stars such as Dana Plato and Brittany Murphy as well as a few imaginary ones. The page titled “Lindsay Lohan” is blank.

Tamblyn said she spent years learning about the real women’s death.

Reading a police report about the discovery of Marilyn Monroe’s body, she noted “the police officer who wrote the report decided to put in a piece of information which means maybe everything and also means nothing at all.”

Monroe’s index finger was blackened by a lack of circulation caused by a strand of her hair tightly wrapped around it. “Which is just interesting,” Tamblyn recalled.

BELOW: Watch Amber Tamblyn read from Dark Sparkler at Drawn & Quarterly in Montreal. Warning: Contains language some may find offensive.

Dark Sparkler is illustrated with original artwork from the likes of filmmaker David Lynch, the poet’s actor father Russ Tamblyn and Canadians Marcel Dzama and Kid Koala.

Tamblyn said she initially asked Lynch to create something to accompany her poem about Sharon Tate, the actress killed in 1969 by Charles Manson’s “family,” but he declined.

“I realized this is sort of a generational thing in that Sharon Tate means much more to him than it would to me because he was around then,” said Tamblyn.

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson was more than happy to take the assignment. “He was like, ‘Great, give it to me. Whatever is the darkest thing is the best.’”

The rocker crafted an image of a melting Tate holding two melting ice cream cones. “I don’t know what it means,” Tamblyn said Saturday, “but I love it so much.”

Tamblyn has published two previous books of poetry. Her film credits include The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and she is best known for roles on the TV series Joan of Arcadia and the post-Sheen seasons of Two and a Half Men.

Tamblyn will do another reading and signing Sunday (March 6) at Chapters Metrotown in Vancouver. Her book tour will continue on to 25 more cities in the U.S. before mid-May.

Dark Sparkler is available now.