Kim Cattrall ‘shaken’ after teen crashes car into Vancouver Island home

Pop Goes The News — Actress Kim Cattrall remains shaken two days after a 16-year-old girl crashed her car into the star’s Vancouver Island home.

“This young girl could have killed herself, her friends, and me,” Cattrall fumed on Twitter after the accident, which happened Tuesday at around 1:00 a.m.

Cattrall described the young driver as “senseless” and claimed she had been joyriding with friends.

No one was injured when a white Suzuki Vitara smashed into Cattrall’s home. The front end of the vehicle suffered significant damage.

Also damaged was part of the Sex and the City star’s home including a large window and some brick work. Cattrall said a handmade planter was also “smashed to pieces.”

Cattrall tweeted: “I’d like 2 make this violating experience a cautionary tale 2 other teenagers.

“We need 2 address this behavior & educate teens.”

Comox Valley RCMP confirmed it is investigating the crash but declined to confirm the age of the driver.

Cattrall, who currently stars in the made-in-Toronto series Sensitive Skin, has a home in Courtenay, where her family moved from England when she was only three months old.