WATCH: Guy in suit drops it ’til it flops

Pop Goes The News — It’s a split-second split that has gone viral.

A young man dancing to “Work,” the new single from Rihanna featuring Canadian rapper Drake, found himself exposed to the world in a Vine video posted online late Monday.

The unidentified male, drink in hand, was getting down to the song when the crotch of his suit pants ripped open.

Unfortunately for him, he was going commando. Fortunately for everyone else, a friend captured the moment on video.

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Quickly realizing his genitals have dropped out of his pants, the man scoops them up with one hand and gives the camera a surprised look.

It’s not known how he contained the problem for the remainder of the night.

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The six-second Vine clip went viral within hours of being posted by Chad Vaught, a dance student at New York City’sTisch School of the Arts.

The video topped 3 million loops in its first 14 hours online.

Update: Late Tuesday afternoon, the Vine video was removed. Vaught tweeted: “Had a great run while it lasted.”

The video is still viewable, though, via his Twitter.

Last August, rocker Lenny Kravitz showed off his junk when the crotch of his pants ripped open during a concert in Sweden.