‘Canada AM’ apologizes for broadcasting crude rap battle

Pop Goes The News — A Canadian television network apologized Monday after crude language was broadcast live during a rap battle.

Farboud Arabi (who competes as HFK) and Corey Charron were swapping insults on the Family Day edition of Canada AM to promote the sixth annual Blackout Rap Battle.

Their rhymes included references to drug use, honour killing, masturbation, oral sex and sharing needles with HIV-positive actor Charlie Sheen.

After several minutes, Canada AM host Marci Ien ended the segment.

“Cuz we’re a morning show and this isn’t the streets, we’ve got to apologize for some of the language right there,” she said.

Later, the show apologized on Facebook.

“We would genuinely like to apologize for today’s performance. The lyrics were unexpected and not reflective of our beliefs.”

Many viewers wondered why the segment wasn’t halted sooner.

At one point, HFK rapped: “Since I got the spotlight and I’m on TV, there’s something I want to say. Just because Charon gave me head, it doesn’t mean that he’s gay.”

Charron shot back: “Where you’re from, wearing Calvin Klein will get you honour killed in Palestine.”

One early insult evoked the name of a Canada AM host.

“I spent my Valentine’s Day with a girl who’s incredibly awesome,” HFK rapped. “But you spent yours alone in your room looking at pictures of Beverly Thompson.”

According to Charron, he and HFK were “escorted out” of the CTV building after the segment. HFK said on Facebook he was “banned from CTV … for saying some offensive stuff on live national television.”

On Facebook, viewers and rap battle fans alike criticized Canada AM for not doing its homework.

“Try vetting your performers in advance,” commented one. Wrote another: “Did you do any research on the performers?”