Former Ottawa TV anchor Carol Anne Meehan launching news blog

Pop Goes The News — Longtime Ottawa television news anchor Carol Anne Meehan is getting back into the reporting business — but this time she will be her own boss.

The former CTV Ottawa personality announced Thursday she is launching Carol Anne’s Local News Blog.

Meehan, 59, was laid off in November after 27 years on the city’s top-rated newscast.

“While much has happened in the past two months, one thing that has not changed is my love of news – especially local news,” Meehan wrote in a Facebook message.

“Like me, you have probably noticed local news is just not a priority anymore. It’s increasingly hard to find, and some fairly big stories are just being missed. Blame the rapidly changing media landscape.”

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Meehan said there is a “huge void” left by cuts to traditional local news outlets. There are currently only three full-time reporters left at CTV Ottawa.

“Without local news it’s difficult to maintain connections that make a community and share the important events we should all know about,” she wrote.

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Meehan, who lives with her two children and their dog Gizmo, did not provide further details about her new venture or its official launch date.

She is asking for story ideas from people in the community.

“Let me know what’s happening out there…give me names of the main players, how to reach them, and leave the rest to me,” she wrote.

“I promise to use every tool in my journalistic tool box to relay it to those of you care about the stories no one else will report.”

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  1. This is awesome news Carol Anne. I specifically watched CTV news at 6 because of you and Max of course. When you were treated so badly I switched to CBC news.

  2. You have what it takes to shine brighter than you ever have before and Max will be watching from above. He will be pleased.

  3. We are lacking in real Canadian stories and news. I miss Wayne Rostad and “On The Road Again”. Stories from CBC radio “Morningside” with Peter Gzowski and “Voice of the Pioneer” with Bill McNeil. We are not a boring country! A bit of nationalism wouldn’t hurt. All the best Carol Anne.

  4. Great news Carol-Anne. Will you also be covering local politics? We have completely lost coverage of city hall. Crazy.

  5. Congratulations on your next chapter in life. Your choice is “current” and a missing link in today’s news. You have been missed and pleased to hear of your return. We will be reading.

  6. That’s awesome Carol Anne! I’m especially happy to hear that despite the cowardly actions of CTV and Bell Media you’ve decided to continue doing what you love…local news.
    P.S. Since you’ve been unceremoniously let go, there is no “CTV anything” in this house.

  7. You go girl!! I am looking forward to following your blog and your flair for local news that matters.

  8. Wonderful, wonderful news. CTV/Bell Media lost a news viewer in me, from all of there news time slots, when they let Carol Ann go, without so much as an opportunity to say goodbye. Will absolutely support her in her new endeavour in whatever way I can. After what she has contributed to this community, we all owe her a great deal. Best of luck Carol Ann.

  9. tell that farmer not to share his beef stew w/the world. how many cows will he have to murder for this?? why do people like that have to show off their meat products. it tells me only 1 thing. murderers get a thgrillm from abusing, torturing & killing animals !!

  10. That is excellent news, Carol Anne. I felt that you were treated very shabbily by CTV after all your years of service, and I’m glad to see that you have come back doing the news in a different way. I don’t doubt that you will have many thousands of subscribers soon enough, and I look forward to reading your take on your news. Very best of luck!

  11. Awesome to hear! Looking forward to your blog. Please keep us informed on when it will start. All the best!

  12. Good for you Carol Anne. We followed the news on CTV specifically to see you. The wrong person was let go (Graham Richardson is not an anchor). We stopped watching CTV news, which is a joke, the so-called news is all over the place. Important topics are overlooked. Word will get around fast about your blog. Best of luck Carol Anne, you have followers in our household.

  13. Thrilled to hear about your news blog. First article I read in the Citizen today. What a fighter. Good luck.

  14. I have a story for your blog but don’t know how to reach you. I live in North Lancaster, not Ottawa, would you still cover my story? Topic is Hydro One and the way the rob you blind.

  15. It’s a challenging business case. I wish you well, but don’t expect to make the kind of money that CTV paid you. And as the fictional Max Bialystock advised in ‘The Producers’, “Never put your own money into a show!”

  16. I’m glad to hear about this development and will be watching for your launch date. I stopped watching CJOH, switching to CKWS, the date you got the axe. Good luck with your new venture.

  17. I think that is great news – I no longer watch CTV news at 6 now that you are no longer part of it.

  18. Glad to see you launching a local news blog you are the most capable person I know to tackle this venture, good luck!

  19. Carol Anne i am so happy for you and i am looking forward to reading your Blog. I never watched the ctv news again after they let you go. Good luck

  20. I want to follow Carol Anne’s blog, but I’m totally new at blogs. Is there a link, program to download, ???? If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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