Douglas Coupland goes public with “shredded” KD

Pop Goes The News — Canadian artist and writer Douglas Coupland went on a mac attack Wednesday.

The 54-year-old tweeted a photo of a messy serving of Kraft Dinner and complained that the noodles “shredded upon cooking.”

Directing his message to Kraft Canada, Coupland provided the serial number from his box of allegedly defective pasta.

The company responded via Twitter, apologizing for the “inconvenience” and asking Coupland to send a direct message with the UPC.

It’s not known how Coupland’s complaint was resolved or if he will receive a refund for the KD, which sells for about $1.50.

Of course, several people who saw Coupland’s complaint decided to weigh in.

“Maybe you overcooked it,” suggested @NewStarBooks. “That can happen if it’s overcooked. Looks overcooked.”

@SheerJenius sarcastically tweeted: “THE HORROR. You should put a trigger warning on content this graphic.”

One person was more concerned about Coupland’s health. “Come on … Eat healthier,” tweeted @Geert_VdE. “Man. That’s just embarrassing. Get real.”

Another was surprised Coupland indulged in such inexpensive food.

“I’d imagined you only eating exotic nouvelle cuisine hand fed by a geisha,” tweeted @Alskicav.

Coupland is definitely a fan of KD. At the Vancouver Art Gallery, prints of his painting of a simple sign advertising Kraft Dinner for 89 cents sell for $369.

That’s enough to buy about 245 boxes of Kraft Dinner.