deadmau5 seeks millions from former manager

Pop Goes The News — Canadian electronic dance music producer deadmau5 filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit on Monday over the release of some of his early work.

The statement of claim, filed in Ontario Superior Court in Toronto, names Play Records Inc. as defendant.

The company is run by voice actress Melleny Brown — who also records music as Melleny Melody and Melleefresh — and is based at her Toronto home.

deadmau5 is Joel Zimmerman, a Niagara Falls native who lives in Milton, Ont.

His lawsuit alleges breach of contract, infringement of moral rights, false endorsement and trademark infringement.

Zimmerman is seeking more than $100 million as well as an injunction to stop Brown from releasing recordings that he claims are “not of good technical or commercial quality.”

Brown received the rights to certain deadmau5 recordings in a 2008 settlement following the dissolution of music publishing and personal management agreements deadmau5 signed with her two years earlier.

“Zimmerman had to pay [Brown] a specific sum of money and assign to [Brown] ownership of the musical compositions and sound recordings created by him up until the 2008 Action,” reads the statement of claim.

According to the lawsuit, the settlement required Brown to obtain Zimmerman’s permission to release remixes of the music.

He claims Brown has released remixes that prejudice his “honour and reputation by distorting, mutilating or otherwise modifying his original work.

“Zimmerman seeks … not to be associated with these bastardizations of his works,” reads the claim.

Zimmerman alleges Brown also plans to release a mash-up of his remix of “Money” with one by Australia’s Neonstereo — which he did not approve or “even remotely endorse.”

Zimmerman, who is being represented by William Genereux, claims the release of his old material is damaging the deadmau5 brand in the marketplace.

None of the allegations have been proven in court. Brown could not be reached for comment.