Music website misses milestone by a week

Pop Goes The News — Canadian music website Chart Attack was left red-faced this week when it declared that “for the first time ever, Canadians have all of the top four Billboard spots.”

The statement isn’t true because the milestone was reached a week earlier.

“For the first time in the U.S. singles chart’s 60-year history, the top 4 spots belong to Canadian artists,” reported Chris Hampton in the Oct. 6 post.

But only a week earlier, the four top spots were held by Canadians for the first time. It was reported at PopGoesTheNews on Sept. 30 and days later by outlets like CBC Music and The Canadian Press.

Chart Attack‘s gaffe was highlighted by the screen grab of the Billboard Hot 100 chart it used to illustrate the post. It clearly shows that the top four songs on the Oct. 17 chart were also in the top four on the Oct. 10 chart.


Adding to the website’s embarrassment, its erroneous headline contained a glaring redundancy — “all of the top four.”