Police arrest man for allegedly taking ‘up skirt’ photos

Pop Goes The News — Police said Thursday they have arrested a man for allegedly taking photos up a young woman’s skirt inside a London, Ont. mall earlier this month.

The incident at Masonville Place was caught on camera by Jason Nassr and posted to YouTube on Sept. 15.

Nassr followed the suspect outside and confronted him. He also noted the man’s vehicle.

The video, which has been viewed more than 115,000 times, led police to arrest Brad Pyle, 36, of Ingersoll, Ont.

On Facebook, Pyle is a member of a group against the abuse of women. In February, he shared a meme about “real men” respecting women.

In a follow-up video posted on YouTube, Nassr said he didn’t post footage of the suspect to be malicious.

“People’s lives can be ruined from a false accusation,” he explained.

Nassr was accused of sexually assaulting a female during a modelling session in 2011 but the charge was dropped the following year. He later filed a $5.5 million defamation lawsuit against his accuser and the Windsor Police.

Facing a separate criminal harassment charge, Nassr was arrested in 2013 for allegedly breaching a bail condition by using a computer.

He appeared on an episode of CBC’s Dragon’s Den to pitch a plumbing invention.