Darren B. Lamb leaves 104.5 CHUM FM morning show

Pop Goes The News — Toronto radio personality Darren B. Lamb left the popular 104.5 CHUM FM morning show on Sept. 23 after seven years.

He will co-host the CHFI morning show with Erin Davis beginning Feb. 29.

Lamb’s surprise departure from CHUM was announced by co-hosts Marilyn Denis and Roger Ashby.

He spoke to Denis and Ashby via telephone.

“This has been a really hard decision because I love you guys but I need to have a longer nap than three hours overnight so I’m going to rest for awhile now,” Lamb said.

“People are going to think I’m dying. Well, not that I know of. I think I’m fine. In fact, I know I’m fine.”

Lamb said he resigned last week. “I took the bull by the horns and decided that this was something that I wanted to do. I’m going to rest up and great things will come in the future.”

No further explanation was given by Lamb, who tweeted a message to fans.

CHUM FM also tweeted the news.

On air, Ashby offered Lamb his support. “Every individual has to do what they feel is best for them and you have decided to leave,” Ashby said, “and we’ll respect that and support you on that … we wish you all the best wherever life leads you.”

Lamb, a Manitoba native who has worked at radio stations on both sides of the border, arrived at CHUM FM in late 2003 after a run at Vancouver’s Z95.3 and joined the morning show five years later.

“I assumed that it would fail for me because of who I was replacing and coming into a legendary show like yours but I don’t think it did,” said Lamb.

“I’ve had the time of my life and it’s been absolutely amazing.”

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