‘Power Rangers’ movie to be shot in B.C.

Pop Goes The News — A big screen reboot of Power Rangers will be shot early next year in British Columbia.

Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) will direct the film from Jan. 18 to early April. Production will be based at Bridge Studios in Burnaby.

Casting details have not yet been announced.

Israelite told IGN the movie will be a “contemporary, mature but still playful, buoyant and fun take on the material.”

The Power Rangers, created by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, are a group of teenagers with superhuman abilities. They debuted on The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series that ran from 1993 to 2001.

The characters have appeared in more than a dozen other TV series over the years and in Power Rangers movies that were released in 1995 and 1997. The franchise includes comics, a live show and video games.

The new Power Rangers movie is scheduled to hit cinemas on Jan. 13, 2017.