Montreal man raising funds so friend can taste poutine

Pop Goes The News — Montreal resident Phil Vincent really, really wants his American friend to taste poutine — real poutine.

The 24-year-old photographer started a GoFundMe campaign last month to raise $400 to bring Lacey from California to Quebec to experience the gooey delicacy.

“To be honest it all started off as a joke,” Vincent explains.

“We’re both huge foodies. So every time I have a poutine, I send her a picture to tease her.”

Lacey has also heard about the deliciousness of the fries-curds-gravy combination from friends who have spent time in Montreal.

“They go back home and tell her how good is it,” says Vincent.

He posted the appeal at GoFundMe, claiming that his friend has been “dreaming, day and night, to just maybe one day” have poutine in Montreal. His message to potential donors added: “Let’s all help out poor Lacey make one of her dreams come true.”

Vincent says he hopes to create a “Poutine Marathon and Adventure” video blog by taking Lacey on a road trip to taste the artery-clogging dish throughout Quebec.

He wants her to “eat at least one poutine from difference places per day.”

So, have donations been pouring in like hot gravy over a bowl of fries and cheese curds?

In its first month online, the GoFundMe campaign has raised only $30 from four donors.

Yann Laliberté, who gave $10, commented: “I just hope you will not get a poutine from a tourist trap restaurant.

“You need an authentic credible poutine.”