Conservative candidate Toyin Dada downplays religious extremism

Pop Goes The News — The Conservative Party of Canada is downplaying the extreme religious views of one of its Toronto candidates.

Toyin Dada, who is running in Etobicoke-North, is an outspoken Christian fundamentalist who has publicly condemned abortion and homosexuality.

Some Random Political Blog was first to look into Dada’s “religious extremism.”

(Although she started using her married name after marrying Joshua Crandell in May, the candidate is running for office with her maiden name.)

On the biography page of her official campaign website, Dada lists 18 community organizations — including the Royal Canadian Legion and Rotary Club — at which she has served “as a volunteer, member or leader.”

But missing from the list is her involvement in Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries and Bound4Life Canada.

Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries is a registered Canadian charity that regularly posts videos showing leader David Lynn preaching on the streets of Toronto.

At this year’s Pride Parade, Lynn warned that “those who are living in homosexual lifestyles” are doomed to Hell and, at the Caribbean Carnival, he condemned revellers for “flaunting their body.”

One video claims to show Lynn “healing” a man of leukemia at the corner of Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas.

Dada has been a part of several of Lynn’s public demonstrations but a video showing her protesting at the Pride Toronto parade in 2013 has been deleted, as Some Random Political Blog noted.

Dada’s website does include her ties to Christ Apostolic Church (Bethel) Toronto, where her father Amos Dada is pastor.

On its website, the church declares that “God is warning the proponents of evil in [America, Canada and Britain] whether on religious matters and same sex issue of his wrath and visitation.”

It urges followers to “rise up and fight the evil agenda being fostered by the minority on the majority in these nations.”

In a piece written for Nigeria World, Pastor Dada notes: “Today many of us are only complaining about Gays, same sex-marriage, LGBT community whereas God wants us to bless them spiritually by praying for them that their eyes of understanding be opened.”

He asks that people “pray for Canada, as we go into another election season that God will give us leaders of His heart. Men and women that will move this nation forward in a godly direction.”

Toyin Dada is also an active supporter of Bound4Life Canada, an anti-abortion organization that refers to the “holocaust of abortion” and offers tips for “praying for members of Parliament” on its website.

On the Bound4Life Facebook page, Dada is pictured at several anti-abortion protests.

She is also the registered owner of, although the site does not currently exist.

Dada was also one of 25 women who took part in a 2013 anti-abortion walk from Montreal to the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa organized by Back to Life Canada.

On its website, all but one of the women share their reasons for walking. Dada’s profile simply reads: “Coming soon.”

Dada’s campaign website describes her as executive director of “an active non-profit community organization” without identifying it as Love Movement 4:16, a group of “young adults who love Jesus Christ” with a mission “to share His gospel through street evangelism.”

Dada’s personal website, which chronicled her activism, is currently “under construction.”

Her Facebook page, filled with religious proclamations, includes a 2013 post in which she mocked people of different faith.

“Worship and prayer to any other god is simply a waste of time and life,” she wrote.

Reached Tuesday morning on her mobile phone, Dada declined to answer questions about her religious beliefs and activism.

In the Etobicoke North riding, which has been held by the Liberals since 1988, Dada is running against incumbent Kirsty Duncan as well as NDP candidate Faisal Hassan and the Green Party’s Akhtar Ayub.

Dada’s official campaign Twitter account has only 33 followers.