Alan Frew asks fans to spread the love

Pop Goes The News — Ten days after suffering a stroke, Canadian singer Alan Frew is urging well-wishers to take stock of their altruism.

“If you think that you THINK giving and THINK kindness a lot more than actually doing it, then DO something kind right now,” he wrote in a message posted on social media Sunday morning.

The Glass Tiger singer, who is recovering at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital, insisted he needs nothing and suggested people spread the love.

“If you wanted to send me flowers then buy some and take them into your nearest hospital or nursing home and bring a smile to a sad face,” he wrote.

“If you have an elderly lonely neighbour nearby drop in and make them a cup of tea. If you know someone struggling with cancer hold them and ask them how they really feel.”

Frew, 58, said random acts of kindness “are what will save this world.”

He wrote: “When our time comes to leave this world we will be measured by how much we #GAVE to it NOT by what we #TOOK from it.”

Frew has been in hospital since suffering a stroke on Aug. 20 that impacted his right side.

On Sunday, the singer said he is doing well. Although he has been using a cane and walker, he vowed to walk out of the hospital “on my own two legs.”