Devon Sawa shooting ‘Real Detective’ in Montreal

Pop Goes The News — Canadian actor Devon Sawa is back in his native country this week to star in an episode of a new series for U.S. cable channel Investigation Discovery.

Real Detective is an eight-part series about real-life American detectives and their most compelling cases. It recently began production in Montreal.

Sawa is the 36-year-old Vancouver native who starred in movies like Wild America, Idle Hands and Final Destination as well as the made-in-Toronto TV series Nikita.

Directing Sawa in Real Detective is Toronto’s David Hackl, who directed 2008’s made-in-Toronto Saw V and the recently-completed B.C.-made feature film Life on the Line (in which Sawa appears with John Travolta and Kate Bosworth).

According to WAM, the Montreal production company behind Real Detective, each episode “will focus around a crime and will go into great depth to reveal the investigation’s twists and turns as well as the personal challenges faced by the detective working the case.”

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  1. What is that song playing during the commercial for Real Detective on Discovery ID – the lines heard are “i dreamed i saw the devil” and what sounds like “i’ll take my secrets to my grave”?

  2. I’ve been looking also 😹 I love music and it gets stuck in my head hahah glad I’m not the only one:)

  3. I found the song, and the words are not ” I will take my secrets to my grave” the words are “I’ll take my SINS to my grave. Song is by Josh Tarp and The Still song name is glory. Lyrics are available on their own Facebook page. Everyone on here we like this song so much why not all of us like and follow on Facebook. I know I have

  4. I am with all of the others. Couldn’t find it.
    It’s is definitely one of those songs that gets stuck in your head. Like “Don’t Let Me Misunderstood”. The Animals on trailer for Shades of Blue.
    Both are Awesome songs.

  5. “Glory” by Josh Tarp and the Still

    I dreamed I saw the devil
    Dressed in his Sunday suit
    He tried to pull me closer
    But my feet, they would not move
    This train is bound for glory, love…

  6. Thank you so much for the song Ive been wanting to hear it for months also!! Amazing song! Thanks again!

  7. OMG!!! Thank you all, I have been on a mission to find this song for sometime now. This song touches me on so many levels.

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